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Notary Signing Agent Service

Real Estate Signings

Certified signing agent helping signers complete their documents accurately and efficiently

What We Take Care Of

Before The Appointment

  • Call signer to confirm appointment date, time, location, name spelling on ID, and funding source (if required)
  • Review documents for quality issues/unclear instructions, and contact hiring company with a single list of all questions/quality issues
  • Print and organize documents

At The Appointment

  • Email hiring company upon arriving at signing location
  • Screen signer for identity and awareness
  • Present documents to client with a brief definition of the document and show them where to fill out information, initial, sign, and date
  • Encourage signer to call loan/escrow as needed to ask questions not answered in the documents
  • Administer oath(s)/affirmation(s) and notarize signatures as needed
  • Check documents at signing table multiple times for missed initials, signatures, dates, and notarial certificate requirements
  • Call hiring company with anything unusual or unclear
  • Scanbacks from signing table available upon request in areas with network connectivity
  • Email hiring company when signing is complete

After The Appointment

  • Final review, scan approval, and document packaging
  • Deliver packaged documents with prepaid shipping label(s) to FedEx or UPS
  • Email photo of dropoff receipt to hiring company
  • Documents for appointments are securely stored and disposed of.
  • An invoice will be sent to the email of the hiring party. We accept eChecks, credit card, bank transfer, and PayPal. Credit card and bank transfers are managed via Quickbooks Payments for easy processing.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you send and receive encrypted email?


  • Sending: We use Microsoft Purview Message Encryption to send any communications containing non-public personal information and to comply with individual lender/title office requirements.
  • Receiving: We are equipped to receive encrypted emails and documents and are familiar with working with a variety of encryption systems.
What printer/scanner do you have?


  • Raven Pro Scanner


  • Brother Dual-Tray Monochrome Laser Printer (both letter & legal)
  • HP Color Laser Printer


  • Full Purchase$250
  • Seller Package$150
  • Refinance$250
  • Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC)$150
  • Reverse Mortgage$300
  • Reverse Mortgage Application$250
  • Commercial$250

Signing prices include travel to and from one signing location and one shipping dropoff location

Please contact us with details about your signing for an estimate